Thursday, 14 February 2013

The French navy team guns multitubes Dillon

Finally, modern light artillery! The Navy has acquired the U.S. company Dillon Aero M134 machine guns multitubes. This system has six carriages coupled 7.62mm capable of firing 3000 rounds per minute. Although not remotely operated and therefore require a servant, we imagine that the arrival of Dillon M134 is highly appreciated by the French sailors were forced to settle far for the defense at very short range, old "sprayers" type AN F1 from the 60s ...

Proven in many armed forces on land, sea and air (including the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy), the American system, more powerful and accurate, significantly strengthens the self-protection of buildings, especially against asymmetric threats, such as attacks speedboats. The first units are equipped French frigate La Fayette type (two per building Dillon), for which the system could be very useful during their deployments off the coast of Somalia in the fight against piracy. The use of Dillon could then expand to other platforms, such as projection and command, where the Navy wants to strengthen self-protection.

In general, the establishment of a modern light artillery remains a real need for the units of the Navy, who accuse the material lags behind other large fleets. Weakness also palpable in the field of tele-operated guns under 30mm, the first materials of this type to make their appearance with the multi-mission frigate Normandy, which will carry two 20mm cannons Narwhal and will be delivered in 2014 .

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