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AAD 2012

AAD 2012.
For its seventh edition, the show South African  AAD 2012 was moved from Cape Town to the Centurion (near Pretoria) on the airfield AFB Waterkloof .Nearly 350 companies participated in the event, representing more than 28 nationalities, including South Africa, China, the U.S., France, India, Russia, Germany, etc .... C ' was the opportunity to discover many new materials.Armaments industries of Russia and China were particularly noticed because of the number of exposed materials. We also highlight the dynamism of South African companies, including in particular we note Paramount group, Denel, OTT, Truvelo , etc ...
AAD 2012

Armored fighting vehicle BADGER (DENEL-South Africa)

The Badger is the new combat vehicle infantry of the army of South Africa. Should be produced 264 copies.
Badger (South Africa)
It will be declined at first, in five versions:
- Version "Section", with a 30 mm cannon,
- Version "Fire Support", also armed with a 30 mm cannon.,
- Version "Mortar", equipped with a mortar under turret 60 mm,
- Version "command" with a machine gun 12.7 x 99 mm,
- Version "Missile" with a turret with 4 missiles type INGWE (Denel).
A sixth version is under consideration and would be dedicated to air defense with a turret with a 35mm gun and missile Umkhonto - IR.
Badger Mortar (South Africa)
This vehicle has a chassis based on 8 x 8 Patria (Finland), renowned for its reliability and quality of its equipment.
The machine has a mass of 26.6 tons combat (version "section variant"). It measures 8.27 meters long, 2.83 meters wide and 3.44 meters high. Its speed is 108 km / h road and autonomy of 800 km. Tire pressure, run-flat, is managed from a central control located in the cockpit.
The Badger resistant to blast a load of 8 kg of TNT under the vehicle. Optionally this can be equipped with armored detector laser warning.
Badger Missile (South Africa)

Char T 72 M1 (Uralvagonzavod Russia)

The Russian firm Uralvagonzavod, known for its armored vehicles, had the tank T 72 M1 andBMPT .
The tank T72M1 is a tank that has enhanced firepower, protection and an optronic improved.
T 72 M 1
T 72 M 1 (Russia)
Its main improvements are:
- Installation of automated fire control "  Sosna U  "with thermally
- Optronics the head gear that has a system under observation and   KO4 TO1 ,
- Increasing its firing range (5000 m) with its missile fired by cannon effect,
- With his gun firing electrical 6P49 (12.7 x 108) and assistance in pointing
- The satellite navigation system and equipment transmissions 2SUE R 168 2.
- Its engine (1000 hp) optimized for areas with high temperatures,
- His new tracks that contribute to a better transmission of engine power,
- Its reactive protection type "  Relikt  "
- The electromagnetic system of "decoy" for triggering mines firing electromagnetic
- Smoke grenade launchers in that span multiple spectra
- Finally, the introduction of laser warning sensors to warn the crew in case of laser illumination enemy.
T 72 M 1
T 72 M1 (Russia)

 AHRLAC plane (Paramount Group, South Africa)

The plane AHRLAC girder is a compact, single-engine, tandem with crew. This unit dedicated to monitoring is also a Light Combat Aircraft. Fast and light, it is designed to perform a wide range of tasks such as:
- Reconnaissance patrol,
- Electronic intelligence,
- Anti-terrorist operations,
- Humanitarian assistance,
- Emergency supplies,
- Border control,
- Monitoring of resources,
- Anti-poaching capacity with ground attack.
AHRLAC (South Africa)
The main features of the AHRLAC  are:
- Compact size,
- A high wing with excellent visibility to the crew,
- Low cost of purchase and operation,
- Logistical support simplified
- A maximum cruise speed of 300 knots,
- A payload payload of 800 kg with full fuel and two crew members,
- A range of 1150 nautical miles or 7:30 flight without auxiliary tanks
- Cons-measures of self-protection,
- Ejection seats optional
- A variety of weapons depending on the type of mission: 20 mm cannon, "  pods  "for rockets, gravity bombs and guided munitions terminal.
Takeoff and landing are on a track 550 m long at full load.
The AHRLAC engine is equipped with a  6-PT 66B of 950 horsepower.
Vehicle PUMA M-36 Mk 5   ( OTT - South Africa)
The South African firm OTT, well known for its vehicles ( see article AAD 2010 ) proposed several new hardware with Puma M-36 Mk5 .
OTT M 36 Mk 5
OTT M 36 Mk 5 (South Africa)
This four-wheel drive vehicle is a MRAP   spécilalité the firm OTT. Particular attention has been given by the manufacturer of the machine reliability and ease of maintenance and its repair.
The vehicle is equipped with an engine Ashok Leyland 57L HA 165, 6 cylinder 5.7 liter engine with 165 kilowatts a torque of 800 Nm. Its maximum speed is 100 km / h and range of 800 miles.
In version APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) it carries 12 equipped troops and a driver and a skipper. The crew has 11 locations to shoot from inside the vehicle cabin and there are also two locations.
The vehicle is 6.64 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 2.76 meters high. Mass in working order is 14 tons. The vehicle has to protect it with a machine gun type M 2 HB.
OTT M 36 Mk 5
OTT M 36 Mk 5 (South Africa)

Sniper rifle CMS 12.7 x 99 mm (Truvelo-South Africa)

The South African firm had several weapons Truvelo CMS 12.7 x 99 mm. This anti-material rifle is very compact for a large caliber weapon (length 1407 mm and 1202 mm folded butt) a very classic design, it works with manual reset and is fed by a feeder capacity of 5 rounds.
The gun can shoot full range of ammunition (FMJ, plotter, plotter IR, perforating, SLAP, etc. ..).
Its barrel length of 710 mm, mounted floating flute is to reduce weight and get better cooling.Its end is equipped with a muzzle brake to four bedrooms.
Truvelo CMS 50
Truvelo CMS 50 (South Africa)
The weapon has a folding skeleton butt on the right side. It is adjustable both in length and height.
Above the breech rail "  Picatinny " hosts a daytime riflescope. To mount the night vision system type clip-on , the interface is mounted on rails "  picatinny. " the weight of the weapon is 14 kilograms.
Truvelo CMS 50
Truvelo CMS 50 (South Africa)

TRT turret 30 MK (BAE Systems, South Africa)

The turret TRT 30 MK  Army is 30mm cannon 2A42, the same   as that installed on the BMP-2. He served two antitank missiles (here Konkurs ) and a machine gun PKT in 7.62 x 54 mm R ( with a capacity of 1000 immediately shot cartridges). This stabilized turret allows shooting static and dynamic.
TRT turret on the MK 30 sniper is placed in the compartment of the staff and thus enjoys greater protection.
RG 41 30 MK TRT
RGG 41/30 MK TRT (South Africa)
TRT 30 MK rotates 360 ° and can be drawn in with a travel site + 65 ° and -15 °. Its speed is 80 ° / sec in azimuth and 60 ° / second site.
The turret has a series of ballistic protection to level 1 according to STANAG 4569. This level of protection can be increased at the request of the buyer.
This turret was presented on a chassis RG 41 appeared for the first time at Eurosatory 2010 in Paris.
TRT 30 MK (South Africa)

Marauder Patrol Vehicle (Paramount Group - South Africa)

The Marauder is the new Patrol vehicle produced by the company Paramount Group.
This dynamic company we had presented at the last edition of the African Aerospace & Defence MRAP "low profile" Mbombe. ( see article AAD 2010 )
Marauder Patrol (South Africa)
It is a 4x4 vehicle designed to provide patrol missions and surveillance. It is available in two versions: a pick-and p SUV version.
Depending on the configuration, the vehicle can carry 4 or 5 men.
The frame is Toyota (interesting advantage when you know the number of vehicles of this type on the African continent).
The vehicle is equipped with an engine of 128 kW for a top speed of 120 km / h. Its capacity is 800 kilometers to the pick-up version.
Ballistic protection level 1 according to STANAG 4569 and resists the explosion of a grenade M 26.
The vehicle can be equipped with optional wheels Runflat (anti puncture), ballistic protection kits additional radio equipment and weapons installed on collective circular.

Combat Vehicle CS / VN 4 (Poly technologies and China)

Chinese firm Poly Technologies presented for the first time shielded CS / VN 4.
This vehicle is intended primarily to law enforcement, which does not necessarily exclude a military use. For the presentation in South Africa, the vehicle was armed with a turret-tank missile Ingwe.
The CS / VN 4 is recognizable by its low silhouette. On the sides and on the rear doors of the vehicle are arranged eight bulletproof glass fitted tapes shooting.
The vehicle is equipped with an optical camera in the rear for assistance in the piloting.
CS / VN 4 INGWE (China)
In its configuration personnel carriers, CS / VN 10 4 carries personal and 2 crew members.Its maximum speed is 110 km / h with a range of 970 km
In series production, the machine is equipped with a sprinkler system for fire and puncture resistant tires "R unflat  . "

Artillery Agrab Mk 2 (BAE / STK - South Africa / Singapore)

For 'Agrab Mk 2, IGG (International Golden Group) has combined the skills and expertise of  BAE (for the frame) and STK (for the artillery).
This vehicle 14 tons of artillery consists of a truck with 4x4 and a 120 mm mortar. The crew and servants are protected against fire infantry weapons, anti-tank mines and IEDs.
Such holder of a carrying capacity of 5 tons, measuring 7.95 meters long, 2.99 meters wide and 2.8 meters high.
The vehicle is equipped with an engine of 360 horsepower. Its maximum speed is 80 km / h with a range of 800 kilometers.
Agrab Mk 2
Agrab Mk 2 (South Africa)
Rear platform receives a 120 mm mortar smooth (the firm STK) to semi-automatic that it allows theoretical rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute.
This mortar can take many different munitions including ammunition ET (with a maximum range of 8200 meters), smoke and illuminating ammunition (with a maximum range of 7200 meters). The mortar should receive short-term propulsion with additional ammunition with a range of 13 km.
The cabin houses a weapon resting on collective circular to ensure its self-defense, as well as smoke grenade launchers.
Agrab Mk 2
Agrab Mk 2 (South Africa)

Response vehicle CS / VA 1 (Norinco-China).

The light vehicle of intervention CS/VA1 is a vehicle of class LSV ( Light Strike Vehicle ). This four-wheel drive vehicle, light and fast, is dedicated to reconnaissance missions and raids.
CS / VA 1
CS / VA 1 (China)
The CS/VA1 measuring 4.698 meters long, 2.183 meters wide and weighs 4.4 tons.According to the manufacturer, its top speed is 105 km / h and has a range of 500 kilometers.
During the presentation, the vehicle was armed with a machine gun rapid fire Gatling typethree-chambered tubes CS/LM5 12.7 x 108 mm equipped with an optical sight. The weapon has two firing rates depending on the treated target:
- 1000 c / min for a ground target,
- 2000 c / min for an aerial target.
The gun has a box of 600 rounds of ammunition. In addition the vehicle is armed with rocket-propelled anti-tank consumables.
The CS/VA1 is provided for receiving a gun at the rear.

Sniper rifle AR 10 Super SASS (Armalite, United States)

The U.S. firm has a sniper rifle in 7.62 x 51 mm AR 10 Super SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System).
Armalite AR 10 SASS
Armalite AR 10 SASS (United States)
This rifle has a fixed buttstock made of plastic, adjustable in length and height.
The architecture of the weapon is based on the carcass AR 10. The trigger mechanism is modified to marksmanship, the receiver has a rail "Picatinny" for mounting the optical scopes daytime. The rifle is equipped with a quad-rails "Picatinny" at the front of the weapon, which hosts the full range of accessories on the market (folding bipod, attaching a night sighting system type clip-on , laser pointer, etc..).
Floating barrel 508 mm ends with a flash suppressor type A2, allowing the installation of a sound moderator. The gas-operated is adjustable according to the use.
According to the manufacturer, this sniper rifle is highly accurate. The gun measures 1003 mm long and weighs 4.26 kg. It is fed by a feeder housing 20 cartridges.

Vehicle Reva V SWB (Reva-South Africa)

The South African firm Reva, well known for its range of vehicles of the same name, proposed several variants of its vehicles which included the REVA V SWB (Short Wheel Base).
REVA V SWB (South Africa)
REVA gear type were tested in several countries, including Iraq, Yemen and Thailand.
The vehicle has a maximum speed of 100 km / h for a range of 600 kilometers.
The vehicle mass is 11.37 tonnes and a payload of 1.1 tonnes payload. It comes standard with two tanks of 100 liters of diesel and two water tanks of 50 liters.
Level of protection, the REVA V SWB has a high level: FB 7 shots and 4a & 4b against mines.
The windows of the vehicle are laminated glass 83 mm thick.
The vehicle accommodates a turret armed with a machine gun type M 2 HB and a FN MAG machine gun type, smoke pots complete the equipment of the same turret.
It should also be noted that this vehicle can accommodate different turrets or RCWS (Remote Control Weapon System).

PGK bezel and COD 2 (Belomo - Belarus)

The riflescope day PGK was presented at AAD 2012 show. It is dedicated to the family rocket launchers RPG 7.
She moved to the side rail to dovetail RPG 7 instead of the original window.
The optical features of a reticle illuminated whose intensity is adjustable according to the ambient brightness.
For firing is to be selected on the one hand the distance of the target and on the other hand the type of ammunition through the control knobs located on the left of the bezel.
Belomo PGK (Belarus)
The firm also had another Belarusian bezel for assault rifle: the Belomo COD  2 .
This approach is designed to allow daylight to the shooter to shoot beyond 300 meters, but also to engage in very short range.
For this purpose, two approaches are integrated in the same module: a telescope and a red dot.
The bezel has a conventional magnification x 4 with a field of view of 11 °.
The red dot for shooting at close range, is mounted above the window.
The red dot reticle and are adjustable light intensity.
The module can be installed with a side mounting rail or Picatinny depending on the weapon used. It is powered by one AA battery.
The optical measuring 208 mm long, 63 mm wide and 95 high. The mass of Belomo COD 2is 700 grams.
Belomo COD 2 (Belarus)

Neostrike automatic grenade launchers (Neostrike-South Africa)

When the show was presented a prototype grenade launcher Neostrike mounted on a remotely controlled turret. At first glance, this grenade launcher looks like a mini AGS 17which is chambered for ammunition of 20 mm (length not specified). Power is supplied by emmaillonées bands, the weapon can be supplied by the right or the left. Firing rate would be between 350 and 600 c / min. Due to its low weight, the weapon can be mounted on supports guns in 7.62 x 51 (tripod or RCWS ).
Neostrike (South Africa)

Masmak armored APC (IAD-South Africa)

The transport vehicle armored APC Masmak is also called  Nyoka MK2.
Masmak APC
Masmak APC (South Africa)
The Masmak APC is a 4x4 armored vehicle for transporting personnel.
This machine has a high ballistic protection level B for 7 + projectiles and level 4a and 4b against mines (according to STANAG 4569). It allows the transport of 10 persons, including the crew of the craft. Pats firing side allow to fire from the inside of the vehicle.
The machine has all the safety equipment (ABS, CTIS, etc ...) and air conditioning.
The Masmak APC is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine of 450 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to run at a maximum speed of 150 km / h.
The machine climbed slopes of 60%. The Masmak APC weighs 13 tons and payload payload of 2 tons.
Exposed on the version, the vehicle was armed with a machine gun turret of 12.7 M 2.

Scorpio artillery system (Thales-South Africa)

The Scorpion system or AMRFCS (Automated Mortar and Rocket Fire Control System), produced by Thales South Africa, is a 81 mm mortar can be installed on a rear platform of 4x4 pickups as Toyota Land cruiser. Fifteen seconds after the vehicle stops, the system is able to start shooting through elements coupled in a mortar. The system has a fire-placed in the cab of a Data Communication Interface Unit, a monitoring system mounted on pedestal (Sophie for example), an inertial system GPS positioning, and an engine of the mortar in elevation and azimuth.
The vehicle allows the transport of ammunition 26 to 81 mm.
As part of the training, the 81 mm mortar can be replaced by a 60 mm mortar, more economical and require ranges to smaller size.
The firm Thales South Africa also offers replacement 81 mm mortar with a rocket launcher 107 mm (the launcher is widespread in Africa).
The Scorpion system allows firing a salvo fast and accurate limiting the risk of fire against battery.
Thales Scorpion (South Africa)

P 11 Pistol Mk 7 (Grand Power-Slovakia)

The Slovak company Grand Power, known in the shooting including the quality of its production, had several weapons including sub-compact version P 11 Mk 7 .
P 11 Mk 7
P 11 Mk 7 (Slovakia)
Lighter and more durable thanks to its polymer frame, this gun is chambered for the 9 x 19 mm cartridge with a capacity of 12 cartridges. Its barrel 85 mm long locks by rotation.Disassembly by pulling the arcade Gun down as the Walther PP .
Its handle has different size inserts to fit the morphology of the shooter's hand.
The P 11 Mk 7 measures 179 mm long, 118 mm high and 36 mm thick. Its weight is 740 grams.
It features an ambidextrous safety Mechanical placed on top of the pistol grip. The magazine catch is placed at the intersection of the yoke bridge and the pistol grip.
The weapon has a mounting rail for mounting a laser pointer or a module like the X2 Laserproduced by Insight Technologies.
P 11 Mk 7
P 11 Mk 7 (Slovakia)

Shipbuilding Damen (Damen-Holland)

The firm Damen had several buildings and naval equipment. This Dutch company shows an annual production of 120 to 150 ships, and since its inception in 1969, more than 5,000 units have been delivered.
The firm Damen offers a wide range of shipbuilding:
In the military field the company product: transport ships, patrol vessels (police, customs, etc.), personal transport vessels, specific buildings for work at sea, offshore wind farms, fishing vessels, etc..
In the military field the firm Damen produces a wide range of buildings such as frigates, corvettes, offshore patrol vessels, buildings interception, amphibious support ships (LPD), etc..
A unit of the company is located in Capetown, South Africa. The DSCT  (Damen Shipyards CapeTown).
Among the successes of the firm Damen vessels include type SIGMA sold especially in Morocco and Indonesia.
Sigma Damen (Netherlands)

Ammunition Arsenal VG 60 (Arsenal-Bulgaria)

Dynamics Bulgarian firm had numerous munitions among which was the thermobaric ammunition for 60 mm mortar.
Ammunition Arsenal TB 60  is designed to combine the blast with incendiary thermal effect.
This ammunition can be used against buildings, fortifications, but also against vehicles.
This ammunition is compatible with all mortars 60 mm caliber mortars including Arsenal M 6 or M 6 Commando .
Arsenal VG 60 (Bulgaria)

RT Raptawc tactical terminal 5 (RapidM-South Africa)

The tactical terminal Raptawc RT 5 is a communication tool devoted to forward units.
With its keyboard, implemented in case of difficulty in listening (poor quality transmissions, ambient noises annoying understanding, etc..) It is possible to communicate in digital on the same principle as the  SMS , but in encrypted form.
In addition the device has an apparatus for digital photography, and a display screen.
The Raptawc RT 5 incorporates a GPS . It can be used on humans or be mounted in a vehicle.  
The terminal tactic is shock resistant and waterproof.
RT Raptawc 5 (South Africa)

Tactical truck Tata LPTA 715 (Tata-India)

Indian industry was present at the show AAD 2012 with a national flag. Tata firm on its stand had several vehicles with Indian truck LPTA 715 .  
TATA LPTA 715 (India)
The LPTA 715 is powered by a Cummins 155 hp and a 200 liter tank of fuel. Its maximum speed is 100 km / h.
The vehicle is 5.746 meters long, 2.16 meters wide and 2.85 meters high.
This 4x4 truck is available in different versions: transport fuel or water, personnel carriers, tow truck, truck, ambulance, etc..

Canon DENEL T 5 45/52 (DENEL-South Africa)

The artillery Denel T 5 45/52 is an artillery piece developed for the Indian Army.
Denel T5 Condor (South Africa)
The artillery piece is available in two versions: one with a gun of 155 mm (45 gauge) and the other with a gun of 155 mm (52 ​​caliber).
The T 5 45/52 is mounted on a chassis Tatra 8x8.
In his 52 caliber configuration, this gun shoots ammunition type V-LAP  (with a range of 53.9 km), HE (High Explosive), smoke, flares, IR flares, red phosphorous, etc.. Its load is semi-automatic.
The chassis houses a storage compartment for 26 projectiles (This compartment can be equipped with armor).
The vehicle is stabilized by large cylinders on each side of the platform and the rear of the truck.

Drone SEEKER 400 (DENEL-South Africa)

The UAV Seeker 400 is equipped with an engine which gives a range of 16 hours. The machine is equipped with a ball under your stomach optronics, which includes:
- A color camera day
- A thermal camera,
- A camera spotter day
- A camera spotter night
- A laser illuminator,
- A laser pointer.
The version presented is intended to provide armed reconnaissance missions.
In this configuration, the drone is armed with a missile Mokopa  under each wing. This missile can hit a target at a distance of 10 kilometers.
Seeker 400 (South Africa)
The weapons can be replaced by an electronic load monitoring ( Electronics Surveillance Payload ) to ensure missions ELINT / ESM detection and tracking radars.
AAD 2012

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