Friday, 11 January 2013

The very expensive "Afghan National trucking II" soon on the road?

It's called NAT National Afghan Trucking, this is a mega contract in favor of road transport ISAF forces deployed in Afghanistan. Delivery involves the transportation but also the safety ground convoys that must supply some 700 ROW.

The tender for the contract number 2, the National Afghan Trucking II (NAT-II Solicitation Number: HTC711-13-R-R002) was released in late December.

Click here to access the solicitation and here to read the document in detail.

NAT-I, a value of $ 2.16 billion has been criticized in the United States since it was discovered that some of the money (some put the figure at 360 million) paid to companies transport and safety has been hijacked. On this subject, read the excellent report Warlord Inc. .

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