Sunday, 23 December 2012

Afghanistan: withdrawal maximum security

The planned withdrawal of the French armies engaged in Afghanistan since 2008, is accelerating. More than 2000 men and 2000 tons of material have already left the country. To perform this maneuver logistics to its end, or the summer of 2013, freedom of action and security areas are essential.

The process of lightening the French forces began in 2011. In May 2012, François Hollande, president and army chief, calls for the acceleration of the movement. During the year 2012, the armies proceeded to withdraw about 2,100 troops and 2,000 tons of equipment. To allow convoys reach Kabul, security zones and areas is a key element. A security driven primarily by Task Force La Fayette 6 (TFLF 6) , commanded by Brigadier-Hautecloque Raysz between April 14 and November 25, 2012, and composed of groupings arms tactics (CATF) Steel , Wild Geese and Helicopter Battalion 

From May to July, tactical operations chained themselves to maintain the security of the axis Vermont, only practicable route between Kabul and Tagab. In April, " the insurgency led harassment actions in the area of Tagab , "says Colonel LAROUZIERE, commander GTIA Steel. Before starting the withdrawal of Tagab, sub-GTIA Tagab and Nijrab supported combat operations to the Afghan National Army (ANA), in Kapisa. The goal: to create a bubble of security around the FOB to perform the removal in a safe manner optimal.  In five months, forty operations were mounted and we went more than thirty times in the fire , "says Captain H., unit commander of the sub-GTIA Tagab. And Colonel LAROUZIERE added: "  We were in contact to disrupt the insurgency and disrupt. While leading the ANA twenty-two transactions per month, we took over. "

Mid-August, 700 men did sometimes two trains per day, with the support of helicopters to carry the material to Nijrab or Kabul. Two hundred and fifty containers of about 10 tons each and armored vehicles (each representing an ATU unit to transport) passed on the axis Vermont.

Maneuver transport back to the men of Logistics Battalion (BATLOG) in Kabul. To Colonel Lawrence, Deputy Joint Support, " such a move log has not been conducted since the operation Daguet. " In mid-October, 350 UAT had reached Kabul.

The transit area of Kabul is the point of entry and exit of equipment.  In the morning, we organize training convoy leaving empty containers to retrieve the Nijrab FOB. Simultaneously, another convoy full one, leaving the transit area to get to the storage area on the Kabul airport. This 2 to 3 times per day with a minimum of 6 to 8 vehicles. To protect logistics trucks, we need tanks and fighters , "says Captain B., the platoon commander and handling. Each vehicle and equipment "silcenté", that is to say, numbered " the SILCENT, centralized logistics information system, used to identify each package with a tracking computer  , "says Captain B.

The sub-group service adapted to the theater is responsible for "unequip" armored vehicles operational equipment (nets antiroquette, jammers ...). Then all vehicles, equipment and containers are deratted, bugged and disinfected.  This plan will mastery of operational health is binding not import diseases in France  , "says Colonel Lawrence.

After this tactic loop, a loop is set up strategic. Afghanistan has no coastline.  The air is the safest and fastest  , "says Col. Lawrence. Sensitive equipment or rare (aircraft parts, medical equipment ...) Antonov flies out to join France. The rest of the cargo is sent to a port in the Persian Gulf. It will join the cargo France by sea within 2 to 8 weeks. Since 1 st May, 262 rotations allowed the repatriation of equipment and personnel. 

In the summer of 2013, France will have achieved its goal. Force of International Security Assistance will include about 500 French soldiers against 3600 to 1 st January 2012. They will continue their mission in the detachment Epidote, hospital medical-surgical French military, the military airport in Kabul and international staffs of NATO.

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