Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Azerbaijan: Defence assortment reaches 700

Baku. Rashad Suleymanov - APA. Over the last 5 years in business associations and the Ministry of Defense Industry was established more than 40 product groups, said the Minister of Industry (MID) defense Yavar Jamalov in article published in the newspaper "Respublika".

Three of these facilities were commissioned in 2012. Among them - the factory test driver for the creation and improvement of small arms, the production of individual masks and special means of defense, and ammunition of different calibers.

In total, the assortment of defense companies MID has reached 700. This year, contracts were signed for production of 437 kinds of defense products.

"At present, the production of armored vehicles and weapons such as" Matador "and" Marauder "was perfectly mastered and successfully implemented their mass production. For the first time in the country began to produce unmanned aerial vehicles "said Minister.

The Minister also spoke about new products, whose production started in the previous period and began mass production. The example used is a system of rocket artillery, armored caterpillar, masks, bombs, collimators, claymore mines, signal pistols, armored vehicles, artillery and various parts of arms.

Speaking of the future plans of the Ministry, the Minister noted that provides for the production of various mines, large caliber artillery, explosives for shells of different types of artillery, combat units for armored vehicles, modern storage boxes and transportation of firearms and ammunition, etc..

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