Friday, 21 December 2012

Philippines receives Sokol helos

AgustaWestland's Polish subsidiary has delivered a second batch of Sokol helicopters -- in a combat utility configuration -- to the Philippines air force.

The two helicopters were ordered in 2010. Four aircraft were delivered in February by PZL-Swidnik. The remaining two helicopters will be delivered next year.

"This delivery marks an important program milestone for both PZL-Swidnik and the Philippines air force," said Nicola Bianco, managing director of PZL-Swidnik S.A. "The outstanding capabilities of the Sokol helicopter and its ability to perform a wide range of roles will further enhance the capabilities of the Philippines air force."

The Sokol -- Polish for "Falcon" -- is a medium-sized utility aircraft that was introduced in 1985. It has a cruise speed of 148 miles per hour, a range of 463 miles and a service ceiling of about 16,000 feet.

Four military's, including the Philippines, operate the aircraft, which is also operated by five national law enforcement agencies.

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