Thursday, 29 November 2012

44 Skyhawks For Sale

The SIBAT department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense is calling defense entities, militaries and countries from around the world and inviting them to acquire the fleet of Skyhawk aircraft which have been in IDF service since the 1960s.
The Skyhawk was the first fighter aircraft that the United States agreed to sell to Israel, and the Israeli Air Force began using the aircraft in 1967. Today, the aircraft are used for combat training and instruction in the framework of the IAF’s  flight course, and the sale comes as part of the preparation for when the IAF receives the new Italian M-346 trainer aircraft.
During the recent operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza, the IAF used the Skyhawk aircraft for casting notices above the Gaza Strip. The Ministry of Defense is interested in selling the 44 Skyhawk aircraft for several
dozen millions of US dollars. The aircraft is expected to be taken out of service in the coming year. If there is no response in the next five years, the aircraft will apparently be transferred for scrapping.

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