Thursday, 29 November 2012

How do you say "Iron Dome" in Korean?

Israeli launchers are barely cooled, they are already interested! Seoul could be the first export customer of Israeli system "Iron Dome". This mobile air defense system has been for the IDF, the real star of the operation "Pillar of defense" against Hamas in Gaza. Because according to Israeli figures, "Iron Dome" has been proven and a rate of successful interceptions that over 90%! From November 14 to 23, five batteries deployed intercepted hundreds of Hamas rockets fired into Israeli territory, saving many lives. Developed by Israeli industrial Rafael, the first export customer of the interception system of medium range would be the United States, a time interested in using in Afghanistan to protect U.S. bases. But disengagement is the agenda, discussions stopped.

Rebounding is today South Korea could become the purchaser. The purchase of "Iron Dome" would by Seoul as part of a broader agreement, in which Korean shipyards Daewoo provide four maritime patrol 1000 tons worth $ 400 million. But the North Korean threat is it similar to Hamas? First "Iron Dome" is not suitable for intercepting ballistic missiles, a real threat to Seoul (Taepodong missiles, Nodong ...). Still not a ballistic missile North has referred the south. And the United States, which have nearly 30,000 soldiers on the spot, should deploy THAAD batteries (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) and more Patriot systems.

Between the two Koreas, the shootouts that occur most often rockets or artillery. As shown by the last serious clash: the bombing of Yeonpyeong in November 2010. A threat against which "Iron Dome" could actually be useful. Especially since Seoul is just 60 km from the northern border, and many industrial or residential areas are within range of North Korean artillery. But, although effective against shells, "Iron Dome" expensive. Even very expensive. Each rocket interception Tamir costs about 50,000 dollars! And the system can quickly find themselves saturated with bursts of gunfire.

"Iron Dome" works in several phases: first detection of a rocket (Elta radar) and a computer (Impress) provides the point of impact triggering sirens to warn people, finally, a missile Tamir comes to destroy the threat in flight.

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