Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rosoboronexport to deliver ten Il-76 transports to China

Russia will deliver ten Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft to China following overall repairs, said Sergei Kornev, a deparatment head with the Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport.

"Under a contract signed with China we will deliver ten Il-76 aircraft from the stock available, and we have already selected seven of the ten," Kornev told reporters at Air Show China in Zhuhai, where he had arrived as leader of the Rosoboronexport delegation.

The contract deals with military transports already used and put through overall repairs, he said.

Asked whether China had been offered the upgraded IL-476 to be produced in Ulyanovsk, he sad, "it would be premature to speculate before the plane has gone through the entire testing program."

The plane has been deeply upgraded and got new engines, wing and avionics, he said.

"We will promote this plane as it has a good export potential," Kornev said.

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