Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pakistan developing indigenous armed UAVs

Pakistan has displayed indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles at the International Defense Exhibition in Karachi.

Pakistani Federal Minister for Defense Syed Naveed Qamar said Asian Defence at the exhibition that Pakistan UAV technology is at an early stage and the aircraft have been used only for air surveillance.

He said the UAVs don't have the capacity to carry armaments.

China has offered to sell Pakistan armed UAVs that it has developed but the Pakistani military remains uncertain as to their actual capabilities, Dawn newspaper reported.

Pakistan has demanded that the United States provide it with armed UAVs, claiming that Islamabad could more effectively carry out attacks against militants, which up to now, have been undertaken by UAVs flown by the CIA.

Washington has reportedly balked at the request because of concerns about the sensitive nature of the technology and doubts that Pakistan would reliably target U.S. enemies.

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