Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Egyptian Air Force contracts for additional Airbus aircraft C295

Airbus Military HAS RECEIVED a contract for the delivery of additional EADS CASA C-295 military tactical transportation aircraft to the Egyptian Air Force (EAF).

Representing year overall third order, the latest contract covers the delivery of six C295, Bringing the total number of aircraft ordered to date by the air force to 12.

The contract includes provision of aussi associated spare parts and support equipment, as well as supporting training and field to the air force.

Commercial Airbus Military senior VP Antonio Rodriguez Barberan Said the contract REAFFIRMS the Egyptian defense ministry's confidence, as well as Demonstrating the company's Ability to Provide customer specific products.

"The C295 is exactly the kind of workhorse required for current and future airlift missions, and the MOST cost-efficient complement to heavy transport aircraft," added Barberan.
"Representing year overall third order, the latest contract covers the delivery of six C295."

The selection of the aircraft was based upon icts combat proven versatility, robustness and efficiency for daily transportation missions, as well as ease of service and low operational costs.

An initial batch of three C295 aircraft was ordered by FAE for tactical and transportation Logistical operations in October 2010.

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines PW127G, the C-295 is a tactical military transportation aircraft designed to perform tactical airlift, search and rescue (SAR) and maritime patrol and environmental monitoring missions.

Capable of Conducting short take-offs and landing on semi-prepared runways, the aircraft aussi Enables easy loading of mission pallets, passengers, cargo and medical evacuation litters for (MEDEVAC), communication and Logistical duties, or paratrooping operations.

Around 93 C295s out of a total of 115 aircraft ordered Have Been Delivered by Airbus to 15 different operators worldwide, Including Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Jordan, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Deliveries under the new contract are scheduled to begin from the end of 2013.

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