Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Chinook heavy-lift helicopters in the sky back in 2013 Canadian

It is 21 years that major Canadian helicopters heavy lift tandem rotor Chinook have not flown here, but they will be back this year in the sky canadien.Le Canada indeed begin to take delivery of its new CH- Chinook 147F this year.

The new fleet of tactical helicopters CH-147F Chinook will be based at the 450th Tactical Helicopter Squadron, who recently returned to service and is installed at the Canadian Forces Base Petawawa (ON), but under the command of the 1st Wing Kingston (Ont.). It is May 18, 2012 the Minister of Defence Peter MacKay announced the re-establishment of the helicopter squadron.

As stated on the website of the CRA, the specific operational requirements that Canadian Chinooks have to fulfill to support the Defence Strategy First Canada include the ability to:
  • circulate in large parts of the territory of Canada, including the Arctic, without relying on fuel caches, which were previously available, but are now less acceptable environmental point of view;
  • operate reliably in remote and isolated areas with equipment technical support base;
  • operate in threatening conditions where one might expect the presence of potential enemies and environmental hazards.
The new CH-147F Chinook Canadian are equipped with fuel tanks at long range, a modernized electrical system and equipment survivability of aircraft against as-self-defense measures increased, visual aids to navigation and of advanced avionics systems.

Personnel and aircraft of 450 Squadron participate regularly in operations across the country in support of continuous operational readiness of the Army and training activities.

"While Chinook are reintegrated into the business complex, 1 Wing ensures restore balance and possibly to restructure to meet national and international requirements, to the extent possible during the transition." Written on it Colonel Kevin Whale, commander of 1 Wing Kingston, in an article on the website of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

"In the country, as the Chinooks are delivered, 1 Wing must remain able to integrate regularly and thoroughly in the various brigades of the Canadian Army. In addition, it must retain its ability to intervene across the country to participate in the operations of Canada Command and regional joint task forces that help provincial and federal departments to manage disasters and national emergencies when local resources are insufficient. (...) In addition, there must be a sufficient number of helicopters to support national security at scheduled events such as the G8 or the Olympics, "said Colonel Whale.

"On the international scene," he adds, "there is a clear need to increase or maintain an integrated capacity of air mobility, recognition, and firepower. In addition, it must be able to operate in environments where the threat is high when operational forces Command, Canadian Expeditionary Force are deployed, as in the case of our recent operations in Afghanistan involving the Griffon and Chinook. To meet these needs abroad, there is a need for a well balanced combination of Chinook and Griffon helicopters in order to have capacity high priority. "

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