Monday, 21 January 2013

Turkey: finish Patriot missiles

The cargo ship carrying Suecia Seaways systems-air Patriot missiles to Turkey came Monday morning in the Turkish port of Iskenderun, local media reported.

According to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, the Patriot provided by Germany will be deployed in the province of Kahramanmaras (southeast), while the batteries from the Netherlands will be implemented in the province of Adana (south ).

In total, more than 130 containers with weapons to be deployed in Turkey in accordance with the decision of NATO will be unloaded from the ship.

On 21 November 2012, Turkey has formally requested the Atlantic Alliance to provide Patriot anti-aircraft systems to protect its 900 km long border with Syria. On 4 December, the NATO Council gave a positive response to the request of Ankara. In total, six Patriot batteries from Germany, the Netherlands and the United States will be deployed at the border between Turkey and Syria. They will be operational by the end of January.

The-air missiles Patriot PAC-3 are capable of shooting down tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft. These weapons have been deployed twice in Turkey in 1991, during the Gulf War, and again in 2003 during the war against Iraq.

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