Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mali: Harper plans to increase Canadian aid

 Canada plans to expand its support for the mission in Mali, but still deviates direct military aid, said Wednesday Prime Minister Stephen Harper .

"I'd like to see a broad consensus in the country on what we should do," he said while he was in Cambridge, Ontario, for an announcement in the car .

Islamist groups linked to al-Qaeda took control of the north and made advances toward the south. According to the UN, tens of thousands of civilians have fled the combat zones.

France leads including air strikes against armed rebels trying to slow their progress.

For now, Canada sent a cargo plane to help French troops, after a request for support from the government of François Hollande. The Canadian C-17 is used to carry heavy equipment.

He was sent for one week limited engagement over time, recalled Mr. Harper at the briefing. But this loan expires Thursday it is expected that an extension will soon be announced.

The huge plane has also been released from their regular duties for the next three months, which was already an indication that the Conservative government considered extending its commitment.

The Prime Minister said to be in consultation with colleagues and with opposition parties: "The government is looking at whether and how to extend our commitments."

"We see the French mission as an important anti-terrorism mission," said Mr. Harper Wednesday.

But he reiterated that there was no question of sending troops to Mali, which reflects, according to him, the will of the Canadian people. "We have been clear," he repeated.

Leader of the New Democratic Party, Thomas Mulcair, has already indicated that he wanted a debate in Parliament about the Canadian contribution to Mali.

In late December, the Security Council of the United Nations adopted Resolution 2085, which calls on member states to provide assistance to Malian Defense Forces to counter the threat of terrorist organizations.

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