Monday, 22 October 2012

D2AD prepared using aerial drones from a ship (update)

The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has lead successful sea trials of the demonstrator takeoff and landing automatic rotary wing UAVs D2AD. D2AD is a draft preliminary studies reported in late 2008 DCNS and Thales have designed and built this demo.

Thirty takeoff and landing were made from the frigate Gu├ępratte from late September to early October off Toulon. Very delicate maneuvers could be performed accurately.
 This project upstream study is a major milestone in the process of raising risks of future program of unmanned aerial system of the Navy (HDDS). Indeed, the control of take-off and automatic recovery of rotary wing UAVs are major technological challenges in the difficult environment that is a warship at sea

D2AD comprises both a segment "flight" consists of a beacon and a spear, the other segment "soil" composed of sensors located on the flight deck of the building, station motion prediction of a station platform and guide the drone. D2AD is independent of satellite positioning system. It is adaptable to different types of drones or naval platforms.

D2AD is presented in the institutional space defense, Hall 2B Stand F12 during Euronaval 2012.

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