Sunday, 28 October 2012

ITT Exelis to supply AN/AVS-6 aviator goggles to US Army

ITT Exelis has received an indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract for providing its enhanced third-generation aviation night-vision systems and associated spare parts to the US Army.

Valued at nearly $217.5m, the five year IDIQ deal allows the company to compete for supply of AN/AVS-6 aviator night-vision imaging systems (ANVIS), as well as spare aviation image intensifiers.
"Generation 3 image intensification technology provides aviators the world's most advanced night vision capability."

Exelis Night-Vision business area vice president and general manager Nick Bobay said the AN/AVS 6 offers unprecedented resolution, reliability and performance required by the aviators during night time operations.

"Generation 3 image intensification technology provides aviators the world's most advanced night vision capability," Bobay added.

The delivered ANVIS systems are expected to be installed in the HGU-56/P helmets of the military rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft pilots.

Powered by standard AA batteries, the AN/AVS-6 aviator is an advanced image intensification system designed to help rotary-wing aircraft pilots to efficiently conduct and complete operations during night or low-visibility conditions.

The system is equipped with an auto-gated Gen 3 Pinnacle image intensifier to provide enhanced low-light-level performance and significantly lowered halo, eventually extending the pilots' ability to fly in changing light conditions.

An optional clip-on power source helps facilitate hand-held operation of the binocular in escape and evasion missions, as well as an improved positive objective lens to maximise clarity under all conditions of the flight.

Additional features include an independent eye-span adjustment and 25mm eye relief eyepiece, as well as a 'Minus-blue' objective lens to filter screen glares resulting from cockpit instrument lighting.

In addition to HGU-56/P, the binoculars are also installed aboard a wide range of the SPH-4B and Alpha rotary-winged helmets.

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