Friday, 26 October 2012

Russia and Italy revive their joint conventional submarine

Russia and Italy have renewed their joint project of a conventional submarine small, the S1000, a source of bilateral military cooperation committee.

"The committee met in Italy in early October and discussed the possibility of launching the project. In the working protocol, the parties have compiled some steps to promote the S1000 on the market in third countries, "the source said.

For example, to reduce the price of the final product, the parties agreed to modify the distribution of equipment designed by Italy (80%) and Russia (20%). Initially, the distribution was 50/50. A major source of economy is the abandonment of expensive weapons systems design Russian.

Initially, the S1000 should be equipped with wire-guided torpedoes Black Shark (Franco-Italian design) and the Russian Club cruise missile capable of hitting targets on land and at sea at considerable distances.

"The simplification of the project, leaving the missile Club allows the abandonment of all associated systems and certain communication systems. Transport costs and customs are also reduced, "the source said.

The joint development of S1000 was launched in 2004 by Fincantieri and Rubin design office.

The work was carried out under the technical supervision and funding of the Italian Navy. The specification of concept was completed in 2008, but the project was then suspended due to financial problems.

It seems that the submarine would S1000 built by Fincantieri. They are not intended to marine Italian or Russian, but will be available only to third countries. If a contract is signed, it will take 48 months to prepare the technical documentation and build the first submarine of the series.

The conventional submarine S1000 is intended to be used in tropical conditions, amidst islands, mainly in shallow waters. The concept is based on a high combat effectiveness, ease of implementation and low cost.

Main features
16 + 6 crew commandos
Length 56.2 m
Diameter of 5.5 m thick shell
Submerged displacement Approximately 1,100 t
Approximately 250 m maximum immersion
Speed ​​14 knots underwater

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