Monday, 22 October 2012

Devil Killer, the bomber drone

If drones are generally used for the benefit of the armed forces and security, imagined by the South Korean military is not quite in the same vein. This time, the aircraft will conduct suicide attacks.

Developed by the Korea Aerospace Industries, the drone in question is called Devil Killer. Rather compact, the aircraft is 150 cm long with a wingspan of 130 cm. Its main task is to hit military targets with high precision. The kamikaze plane crashes will deliberate on coastal artillery or vehicles. To accomplish this mission, Devil Killer is equipped with a video camera, a navigation system and explosive bombs. The drone automatically searches its target before crashing on it and with a maximum speed of 350 km / hour.Finally, it shows a weight of 25kg and has folding wings for easy transport.

In concept phase, the South Korean military believe that Devil Killer would be operational in the next two years.

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