Sunday, 28 October 2012

DCNS innovates with a new weapons system for submarines: self-defense anti-aircraft

Currently, submarines have no alternative but to flee to defend against torpedoes dropped by helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft. Systems with air defense developed by DCNS in cooperation with MBDA, they will require aircraft now questioning their mode of action, forcing them to stay away.

In fact, to meet the needs of marine protect their submarines from air threats, DCNS offers a weapons system comes in two versions.

The self-defense anti-aerial mast

It is designed to integrate into the massive submarine. It consists of a mast which carries a hoistable turret containing several short-range missiles (Mistral).

The self-defense with a underwater vehicle

It implements from a torpedo tube, underwater vehicle (VSM) within which is a medium-range missile Mica.

These weapons systems are integrated combat system SUBTICS ®, ensuring the overall performance of the submarine, since target designation and the launch of the missile to achieve the target.

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