Thursday, 25 October 2012

Transfer of military technology: no risk for Russia

Russia is not afraid of losing its positions on the international arms market following the transfer of military technology to third countries, told RIA Novosti the Director General of the Agency Russian arms exports - (Rosoboronexport) Anatoli Issaïkine.

"Technology transfer will not result in a loss of market segments. Stagnation It is our tragedy that could occur. (...) If the Russian defense companies to grow without trample or realize new ideas, we lose market share, "said the manager know.

According to the latter, the period of transfer of military technology, which lasts several years, is sufficient for Russian companies address a new stage of development and occupy new market sectors.
Mr. Issaïkine recalled that foreign customers conditioned more often an agreement for the transfer of military technology.

"We accept, without losing sales," he said.

For example, he mentioned the licensed assembly of Su-30 and T-90 tanks in India Russian.

"Moreover, we developed jointly with India on missile BrahMos supersonic-art and will design together fifth-generation fighter , "concluded Mr. Issaïkine.

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